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Lighting Fixture Equipment

Light Fixture Equipment

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Lighting Fixture Equipment, which contains one or more electrical light sources and all necessary parts for operation, is called fixture. If a lamp attached to a body or cover, it is called a lighting fixture. Lamp, power supply, ballast, driver, optical and connection equipment is in the definition of fixture. Mounting feet, support feet or holding apparatus are also located on the fixture. Lighting fixtures provide the necessary protection for the light source and other equipment and control light distribution. Lighting fixtures are divided into three main groups: fixed, portable and special purposes. Surface mounted or recessed lights, chandeliers, street lamps, garden lights are fixed lighting fixtures. Table lamps, night lights, floor lights, are examples of portable fixtures. Accent lighting, emergency exit lighting, safety lights, flashing lights, and traffic lights are the example of special purposes lighting fixtures. o replace the light source.


Architectural lighting

LED architectural luminaires play a special role in the arrangement of company buildings, conference rooms, as well as various types of service premises and commercial facilities.

Architectural lighting

Investment lighting

Investment lighting is a type of lighting used in investments (mainly commercial) such as: warehouse and production halls, commercial premises, underground car parks or residential construction.

Investment lighting

Lighting control

System management is possible using a free application available for the iOS platform (available in the App store) and Android (available in the Google Play store). It is also possible to control the system from the browser level.

CLUE lighting

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